Sex by Numbers

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Sexo en Números

Teenage pregnancies, early initiation of sexual activity and an aging population are some of Cuba’s challenges in reproduction


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Cuba free of taboos

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The Cuba Libre (Free Cuba) cocktail is enjoyed all over the world. This series of photos explores a Cuba free of taboos. A Cuba in the nude. This edition of Tremenda Nota strips away contradictions: porn is illegal but most people have sex in public places, Cubans love to talk about sex and condoms are cheep but there is no where to have sex. Gabriel Guerra Bianchini’s original title for this photoreport was “Elegant Havana.” Its grace is in stark contrast with the theme of this issue: elegance is subtle, the way sex is approached in Cuba is anything but.


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Watching Porn’s a Crime

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Porn is illegal in Cuba. Amateur films with blurry machista images are collected on the black market.

  • Sexual abuse is common in”amateur” movies
  • Collectors have bizarre strategies to avoid the law
  • Films are badly recorded and  edited.
  • Plots are usually sexist.

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Condoms of the Revolution

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Like many other aspects of Cuban life, sexual precautions are interrupted by the constant threat of scarcity and moral taboos. 

  • How do Cubans use contraceptives?
  • What is the most popular contraceptive  in Cuba?
  • What happens when condoms are scarce?

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